Twin Flight Experiment

Time dilation has apparently been ‘proved’ experimentally by running two flights with equal velocity in opposite directions, one east wards and another west wards (Hafele-Keating experiment).

It was apparently noted that, compared to the readings of the atomic clock at the US Naval Observatory, the atomic clock in the east bound flight recorded less time (59 nanoseconds less) and that in the west bound flight recorded more time (273 nanoseconds more). This was apparently because, from the reference frame of an observer at the Earth’s centre (God only knows why we have to bring this fellow into the scene!), the clock in the east bound flight was moving at the highest velocity (=earth’s rotational velocity+ flight velocity), the clock in the west bound flight was moving at the lowest velocity (earths rotational velocity – flight velocity) while the clock at the observatory was moving at the same velocity as the earth’s rotational velocity. We know that according to special relativity, the faster a clock moves, the slower the clock ticks. So the  time readings from the three sets of clocks appeared to support the predictions of special relativity.

(We have mentioned at the beginning that both flights ran at equal velocity but in the opposite directions. So one may be wondering why the velocity of the east bound flight is considered more than the west bound flight while predicting the time dilation. The reason is that the flight velocities are taken from the reference frame of the centre of earth observer. Because Earth rotates in the east ward direction, this rotational velocity gets added to the east bound flight making its relative velocity more than the west bound flight which runs opposite to the direction of the earth’s spin. Little tricky to understand but not stupid unlike the relativity theory itself!)

Why Twin Flight Experiment doesn’t prove Relativity

“Relative to the atomic time scale of the U.S. Naval Observatory, the flying clocks lost 59+/-10 nanoseconds during the eastward trip and gained 273+/-7 nanosecond during the westward trip—” (

Even if we believe in the clock readings ‘observed’ by the experimenters, that would still not prove special relativity despite the swearing by the physicists. Imagine that the stationary clock at the observatory ticked 100sec while the clock in the east bound flight ticked 90sec and the clock in the west bound flight ticked 110sec (just to keep the numbers simple). Though these readings might appear to be consistent with the predictions of special relativity from the perspective of the centre of earth observer, the same is not the case from the perspective other observers. For example from the perspective of the observer on the earth, both flights were moving at equal velocity and hence both must have experienced time dilation by the same factor and should have read the same time. But this was not the case.

And, from the perspective of an observer in the east bound flight, it was actually the west bound flight which was travelling at a very high velocity. So according to him, the west bound flight should have experienced the maximum time dilation and ticked the slowest if SR were to be true.  Also the observatory clock should have experienced some amount of time dilation and hence ticked slower than his ‘stationary’ clock. Similarly the clock readings would go against the predictions of SR when viewed from the perspective of the west bound flight.

What it implies? The readings of the clocks (believing that the data was not ‘massaged’ by the ‘phychicists’ having got mesmerised by the stupid religion!) appear to obey the formula of SR only when looked from the reference frame of the centre of earth observer. (Same is the case with GPS clocks)

The only conclusion a sane mind can draw from the twin flight experiment is that the functioning of atomic clocks get affected by motion and gravity. It also suggest that motion is not relative, in other words there seems to be an absolute reference frame. But why the atomic clocks get affected as ‘exactly’ predicted by the mathematics of SR? Surely it is not because of time dilation effect. If it was Time that dilates, then all processes should get slowed down by the same factor in a given scenario. And that should include the physical process underlying the pendulum clock also. Unfortunately for the relativists, this is not the case.

But why the atomic clocks got affected as ‘exactly’ predicted by the mathematics of GR and SR? Well, they actually didn’t:

‘Twin flight experiment disproves the delusion of ‘Time dilation’ and constant SOL

We can straight away discard the idea of constant speed of light using the same twin flight experiment. Imagine that a beam of light with velocity ‘C’ is shone towards the west. According to the law of constant speed of light, all the observers (the flights and the earth) must agree upon the speed of light as C. For the west bound flight in the above illustration to measure the light beam’s velocity as ‘C’, it will have to experience time dilation. Similarly for the east bound flight to measure the same light beam’s velocity as ‘C’ it will have to experience time contraction. But this is not what the clock readings from the twin flight experiment suggested.

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  • Galacar  On April 15, 2014 at 11:49 am

    Well, it is not even possible to measure the difference, according to a specialist in atomic clocks: Louis Essen:

    “One aspect of this subject which you have not dealt with is the accuracy and reliability of the experiments claimed to support the theory. The effects are on the border line of what can be measured. The authors tend to get the result required by the manipulation and selection of results. This was so with Eddington’s eclipse experiment, and also in the more resent results of Hafele and Keating with atomic clocks. This result was published in Nature, so I submitted a criticism to them. In spite of the fact that I had more experience with atomic clocks than anyone else, my criticism was rejected. It was later
    published in the Creation Research Quarterly, vol. 14, 1977, p. 46 ff”

    warm greetings:



    • Curious  On November 1, 2016 at 9:02 pm

      I’m trying to find the original publication of Essen’s criticism in the Creation Research Quarterly, but I’m having no luck finding that it actually exists. Do you have a link?


  • drgsrinivas  On April 15, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    Thanks for your valuable input. I have exposed the stupidity surrounding the twin flight experiment in the page titled ‘the stupid photon clock of relativists’.

    And following is from one of my replies posted elsewhere

    “Apparently it was noted that the atomic clock in the east bound flight experienced time dilation as exactly predicted by the stupid SR. But from the reference frame of a passenger in that flight, it was the west bound flight which was moving very fast, so time dilation must actually occur to the clock in west bound flght. But this was not what the clock readings suggest. What it implies? The readings of the clocks (believing that the data was not cooked up by the ‘phychicists’ having been mesmerised by the stupid religion!) appear to obey the formula of SR only when looked from the reference frame of the earthbound observer”.


  • Galacar  On April 17, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    it really is all lies:

    Abstract. The original test results were not published by Hafele & Keating, in their famous 1972 paper; they published figures that were radically different from the actual test results which are here published for the first time. An analysis of the real data shows that no credence can be given to the conclusions of Hafele & Keating.”


  • Radwan Kassir  On November 27, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    “But why the atomic clocks get affected as ‘exactly’ predicted by the mathematics of GR and SR? I will try to answer this soon in a separate post.”

    I wonder if an answer has been posted yet.


    • drgsrinivas  On December 6, 2014 at 10:07 am

      My apologies for the delayed response.
      I must confess that I haven’t so far explained why the atomic clocks behaved as per the weird formula of relativity. The links given by Galacar does give some reasons why the readings ‘exactly’ matched the predictions.

      Even if we believe that there wasn’t any selection bias or any kind of subconscious manipulation of the data by the experimenters, as I have explained above, the clock readings wouldn’t actually obey the stupid formulae of the relativity religion either from the perspective of the earth bound observer or from the perspective of the on flight observers.
      So, in their desperate attempt to ‘fit’ in their calculations, relativists have introduced ‘proper time’ and the ‘centre of earth observer’. Actually there isn’t anything like ‘proper time’ in the original version or the ‘old testament’ of relativity religion!

      But even from the perspective of ‘centre of Earth’, I don’t think that the atomic clocks that were carried on the flights ticked exactly as per the stupid formulas of relativity. If they really did, there wouldn’t have been any need to rely upon the ‘magical’ statistics to support their religious predictions. Let me explain that.

      Apparently, in the twin flight experiment, the experimenters carried four atomic clocks on each flight. As all the clocks were synchronised before the take off, and because the clocks in each flight were subjected to same velocity and gravity and acceleration, we would expect that all the four clocks on each flight would show exactly the same reading (as dictated by the relativity demon) even after going around the earth several times.

      But that didn’t happen. For example, if we look at the data from the twin flight experiment, we can see that the east bound clocks differed from the ground clock by 59ns plus minus 10ns (where 10 is the standard deviation). In other words if one east bound clock differed by 69ns, another east bound clock differed by 49ns with the ground clock. So there was a difference of at least 20ns between the clocks on the east bound flight (In fact that would be much more than 20ns if we look at the actual readings of the clocks. See the relationship between range and standard deviation

      That is each of the four clocks had ticked differently despite being synchronised at the beginning and travelling at the same velocity/ acceleration/ gravity. How to explain this difference? Shall we blame it was the Time which ran differently for each clock on the east bound flight and hence the incongruence? But that would be stupid even as per the standards of the stupid religion of relativity.

      The fact that all the clocks in the east bound flight didn’t show the same reading just proves that even atomic clocks are prone to errors like any other clocks. Errors obviously occur from some unknown internal or external influences. It would be stupid to accept standard errors (however small it may be) in the analysis here. Accepting standard errors mean accepting the influence of some hidden/unknown variables on the functioning of the atomic clocks. When unknown influences could affect the functioning of atomic clocks, then why not motion and gravity affect them in a similar way? So how can we swear upon those ‘errors’ in the atomic clocks’ readings caused by differences in motion and gravity as proof of time dilation?

      So we can only make one of the two following conclusions out of the twin flight experiment:
      1) Either we have to accept that even atomic clocks get affected by various factors (known and unknown) like other clocks and hence the observed differences in the clock readings (that makes time dilation a myth)

      2) Or if we have to interpret the different readings of the atomic clocks as proof of Time dilation, then we must accept that relativity theory utterly failed to predict/ explain the Time dilation experienced by each atomic clock (despite all the fudging and ‘inventing’ mythical concepts like ‘proper time’).

      Coming to our original question that “why the atomic clocks get affected as ‘exactly’ predicted by the mathematics of GR and SR?”, the clocks didn’t actually get affected as exactly predicted by relativity.

      Rather the observed variations in the behaviour/ticking of the atomic clocks can be better explained by the spinning Ether model that I have proposed to explain the gravity. Actually, atomic clocks don’t get slowed with faster motion and stronger gravity unlike what the deluded physicists imagine. And they don’t behave differently from the pendulum clocks.
      The tension in a string varies depending upon whether the string is at rest or whether it is moving with respect to the surrounding the medium. And so is its frequency of oscillation. I will be elaborating on this soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  • Galacar  On November 28, 2014 at 12:50 am

    Radwan Kassir wrote:

    “But why the atomic clocks get affected as ‘exactly’ predicted by the mathematics of GR and SR? I will try to answer this soon in a separate post.”
    I wonder if an answer has been posted yet”

    Please look at site. It is!
    And I really have to laugh when I read here: ‘exactly’ because it is far from that!!


  • Jefferson  On February 10, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Hi, Srinivasa Rao Gonuguntla and others. for years I’ve been sure that relativity is so much wrong on so many levels, and these poststhat post holes i their reasoning proves that I was right all the time.
    Also, drgsrinivas, you forgot to post about space, while I have to admit that time thing is harder to explain, and I have to say that time is a manmade concept since we have no idea if it exists at all, an those stupid experiments with clocks only prove that gravity affect the speed of clock pointers, and not time, clock is not the the evidence of the existence of time, since it’s people who created clocks in the first place, plus there is no way to determine the existence of time at all.

    However, I’m wondering why didn’t you post about space being affected by gravity-this is by far the stupidest thing I have ever come across, even when I was I kid, I couldn’t buy that crap, however, 20 years ago, I said to myself these are smart people it’s not that they didn’t take into account what I thought they should take, but than I finally realized that after “the discovery of Higgs boson” it came to me, I just don’t buy it that they have proven everything what mathematics and statistics say-later I realized, this is all just crap to justify funding and there are no evidences on anything at all.

    OK, let’s see space-first of all space is not made of anything-space is simply 100% empty void, and does not interact with anything else, however energy, matter and energy fields/ether do exist in that space, basically they exit in the void matter, energy and energy-the facts are that whenever all those stupid scientists say that gravity affects space-it doesn’t what it affects are all those things that are made of matter and energy, including it affects energy fields-the fact is none of this is ever been affected in any experiment and it will never be affected by any experiment where there is no either, energy or energy fields.

    So, what does gravitatational field affect are the following:
    it affects the distance between 2 objects-it can stretch, expands, contract/decrease the distance between 2 objects, but it doesn’t affect space-space is not affected at all, their distances are and their energy fields are-there has never been effect with anything where there was no matter, no energy and no energy fields.
    Here is how stupid and naive these people are:

    I tried to explain them everything,, but they don’t listen anything; it’s like talking to the wall.
    My username on that forum is Gravage.

    I have to admit I always wanted to know how to beat their arguments that gravity affects time, too bad you can’t really just write several sentences in order to explain how time is not affected by gravity.


    • Galacar  On February 11, 2017 at 1:49 pm


      I read your postings at sciforums. You did great but yes, you are talking to walls for sure! They are all brainwashed and can’t think straight anymore and they have a religious faith in ‘modern science”. It is a sad thing actually.

      I have been banned there because of some rules I violated.
      I sure did! You are not allowd to think overthere!

      However , the thing I disagree upon is ‘gravitty’. I am rather convinced there is not something like that at all. Look at some at my postings here, some are about the gravity nonsense.




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