Relativity Mania

To make you realize how relativists misinterpret experimental data to support their superstitious belief of time dilation, first I let you solve one puzzle and then present you how relativists would solve the same.

Imagine that a team of scientists have discovered a special animal species on Earth. After carefully studying the species, they found that the members of the species as soon as they are born go on flying at a constant speed of 1000km/day until they die exactly after 10days. The scientists, many of whom were Nobel laureates, having noted their speed and their lifespan, rightly concluded that the species will travel a total distance of 10,000km in their life time.

Then came the biggest challenge for the scientists- they have discovered an identical species coming from Heaven to Earth. They have all the experimental evidence to believe that these species soon after taking birth in Heaven head straight to Earth and die as soon as they reach our ‘deadly’ Planet. Also our scientists very well know that the distance between the heaven and the earth is 100,000km.

Here is the puzzle for you to solve. We were told by our great scientists that the members of the above species can only travel a total distance of 10,000km in their life time considering their travel speed of 1000km/day and life span of 10days. But how come the members from heaven were able to travel 100,000km and reach our deadly planet? This is 10 times more than the distance that is normally possible for the species to travel in their lifetime. How can we explain this odd observation?

To make things easier I will give you 3 options to select from-

  1. Heavenly species travel faster than the earthly species
  2. Heavenly species live longer than the earthly species
  3. Both heavenly species and earthly species travel at the same speed and live for the same number of days, but the heavenly species experience time dilation i.e. time runs slower for them because they are moving at very high velocity i.e 1000km/day

I am sure people with commonsense go with the first two options – our scientists have only noted the travelling speed and life span of the earthly species. Obviously the same parameters can’t be blindly extrapolated to the heavenly species. Even though both ‘earthly’ and ‘heavenly’ members belong to the same species and look identical, the speed and life span of the ‘earthly’ species can’t be said to be true for the ‘heavenly’ species having seen them travel a much longer distance than their ‘earthly’ cousins. This implies that either the ‘heavenly’ species travel faster and/ or live longer than their ‘earthly’ cousins. I don’t see any great difficulty or logical obstruction to make such conclusion.

But let me present you how relativists would solve the puzzle- they swear that both ‘earthly’ and ‘heavenly’ species travel with the same speed and live for the same number of days because they both are identical and belong to the same species. So they don’t agree with options 1 and 2 and rather go to option 3 and insist that the ‘heavenly’ species experience time dilation because of their high velocity and hence are able to travel the much longer distance noted.

Now Let me explain their delusion of time dilation- relativists believe that time ‘dilates’ or runs slower for fast moving objects. So what is one day for somebody moving slower may just be 1hr for someone travelling at a very high speed on a spaceship. So they argue that because the heavenly members travel at a very high velocity (don’t ask with reference to whom), they experience time dilation i.e. time runs slower or clocks tick slower for them. So even though they live for only 10days, each day is ‘stretched’ for them and hence they are able to travel a longer distance each day. “That’s how the ‘heavenly’ species are able to cover the much longer distance of 100,000km between the heaven and earth” relativists declare.

Anybody with least commonsense will surely ask them “if both heavenly species and earthly species travel at the same velocity, why not the earthly species experience the same weird phenomenon of time dilation and travel the same long distance as their heavenly cousins?”.

Well, don’t think that the relativists will have no answer for this question- we just have to be prepared for more stupid explanations. The more you question them the more stupid they speak. The more stupid they speak, the more difficult it becomes to keep arguing with them. So we will surely give up arguing with them at some point – the stupid flock ‘wins’ at the end.

Believe me, I haven’t at all exaggerated about their weird thinking- that’s exactly how they prove time dilation with their cosmic muon decay observations.

But how come scientists go so stupid while interpreting such simple and straight forward observations and draw weird conclusions out of them? Well, that is because they are affected by a disorder called ‘Relativity mania’ and those affected by this mania hold delusional beliefs like- speed of light is constant, time dilates for fast moving things, space gets warped near heavier objects and so on. Because of their delusional preoccupation, they ‘interpret’ every experiment as strong proof of their delusional beliefs.


  • diehard  On May 1, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    Umm, excuse me sir. According to relativety, either BOTH the heavenly creatures and the earthly ones will experience time dilation, or NONE will.

    • drgsrinivas  On May 2, 2014 at 3:57 pm

      You are absolutely right sir. If both the species travel at the same velocity, either both or none should experience time dilation if the stupid theory were to be correct. That’s what I have been arguing here

      “—-if both heavenly species and earthly species travel at the same velocity, why not the earthly species experience the same weird phenomenon of time dilation and travel the same long distance as their heavenly cousins?”

      If earthly species experience time dilation just like their heavenly cousins, they should also be able travel a distance of 100,000km in their life time as their cousins. But this is not what the great physicists observed – according to the them, the earthly species travel only 10,000km in their life time!

  • Frank Brandse  On May 5, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    In fact the scientists also go for your option 2. Heavenly species are not the same as the earthly species, heavenly species do have a longer lifetime. That is the mistake that you are making.
    Obviously the story you make about “heavenly” and “earthly” species is about cosmic rays. Your heavenly species are in fact protons, which are extremely stable particles. In fact a decay of a proton has never been observed, so it is no problem for a proton to travel extreme distances. Now, when a proton enters the earths upper atmosphere it collides with molecules, and there the muons are produced (your earthly species). And they do have a very short lifetime, so that’s why muons cannot travel very long distances.

    • drgsrinivas  On May 5, 2014 at 3:24 pm

      That makes me think that you are a relativist? I can’t imagine anybody else to misunderstand, misinterpret and mess up things to such an extent. Earthly species in my story represent ‘laboratory’ muons and heavenly species represent ‘cosmic ray’ muons. Have another go now and see if you manage to get it right.

  • Tony  On July 9, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    Geeesh Frank. I’m a novice trying to understand relativity… and even I got that he was referring to a muon. And I got that before I was done reading. You took that bait!!!

  • Mike Massen  On July 19, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    Comments on this would be more useful than having to respond to an arbitrary thought experiment which has unfortunate religious overtones !
    Put some mathematics analysis into this please, its fairly simple, even though I havent got my PhD yet, heck I only have degrees !

    ie. There are Many experiments testing special & general relativity.
    The most active and immediate of these happens each second, its called GPS !
    and it proves the maths – this goes some way to confirming the theory, what could the possible exception be – suggest a theory as a good scientist please ?

    & many others of course.

    Good scientists look at the experimental data, experimental method & actual evidence & don’t rely upon arbitrary thought experiments which obviously don’t encourage good dialetic – especially with religious language, yuck.

    • drgsrinivas  On July 19, 2014 at 5:09 pm

      When your religious gurus propose thought experiments, you chant them and sing them all over. But when others propose thought experiments, you cry that thought experiments are ‘arbitrary’ and you refuse to comment. Sorry, this is a cheap trick to save your stupid religion!

      Oh, do you mean that without maths, one can’t understand your divine religion? It is like saying, “unless one speaks and understands the ancient Greek, one can’t realise God”. But, I must admit, it is a much better trick than the above one to hide the stupidity of your religion!!!

      By the way I have talked about all those experiments that you have mentioned above and exposed your pastors’ lack of commonsense. But I suggest you not to go through those pages- doing so may destroy your religious demon theory (Of course only if you have the least common sense!). Rather, you keep arguing that your religious theory has been proved beyond doubt by many experiments and keep listing them!

      Oh I have almost forgotten to ask you, who are those ‘God’ scientists you religiously swear by? I haven’t come across even one good scientist amongst your religious crowd who doesn’t misinterpret experiments. I am aware that your crowd does undertake lots of experiments; but only to misinterpret them and ‘prove’ your religious superstitions. Ultimately you are only spoiling the budding scientific minds by portraying your superstitious beliefs as modern science.

  • Mike Massen  On July 19, 2014 at 10:42 pm

    Rather than vague language and assertions which pre-occupy with a god/religion, can you instead please offer an analysis of a potentially different interpretation or mathematical speculation of the results of this experiment:-

    and the rather incontrovertible fact GPS does actually function WITH the corrections applied for general & special relativity:-

    Dialectic based on the maths both non-relativistic & relativistic which addresses the differential would be ideal & efficient and please would avoid issues of a religion (untestable) and reference to any sort of deity…

    Perhaps start with laws of motion, looking forward to your speculation as to why the experimental measured results track closely the theory without invoking it ?

    • drgsrinivas  On July 22, 2014 at 12:37 am

      One can’t close one’s eyes and also ‘look forward’ (or backward). To prove that your eyes (as well as your mind) are open, first you will have to demonstrate that you have gone through and understood the above simple story exposing the stupidity of your religious group. Without blaming that thought experiments are ‘arbitrary’, you may specifically state why I shouldn’t call your crowd’s mental state a mania. That also proves your capability to grasp and analyse simple things (if not complicated ones).

      Religiously chanting and enumerating links from your ‘sacred’ literature neither proves your logical capability nor the sanctity of your religious theory. By the way, why do you feel uncomfortable when I associate your weird theory to a religion and use religious dialectic while describing your weird theory? Actually it must be people from other religions who must feel ashamed to find your stupid theory categorised alongside theirs. It would surely be highly insulting for all the religions of the world to describe your stupid theory as a religion (even in a cynical sense), but don’t worry about that! Your crowd may celebrate for achieving the status of a religion.

      Before you swear upon the value of mathematics in describing this universe, try to describe yourself in terms of maths and prove yourself as a human being. Or else come out of your obsession with maths. Mathematics is simply a symbolic representation of information. In other words it is just another language.

      As already mentioned before, all those issues that you have been chanting, including the laws of motion, have already been dealt with in simple language. Just open your eyes and they are there. And I am here to answer to your specific questions.

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